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The Lady Without A Hat. January 24, 2010

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Last weekend, I dropped my daughter  off at the balled school in the downtown area, to audition for a summer intensive program for ballet.  The weather was somewhat disagreeable.  Temperatures were in the 40s, so it was not frigid, but it was raining, which always makes the temperature feel lower.

As I was leaving the studio, a lady stepped inside to the corridor of the ballet studio.  As I started outside, she asked me if I knew the location of a specific street.  I knew this was one block over and gave her driving directions.  She gave me a kind of blank look then looked down.  I inquired the address she was looking for, since the downtown has an abundance of one-way streets. Her reply revealed, she was looking for the homeless shelter.  I was able to give her directions as I noticed she was not wearing socks.

She leaves in the drizzling rain.  I knew I should have offered to take her to the shelter.  But I was afraid since I was alone.  Then another parent starts to leave the ballet studio.  I briefly tell her the story and that I feel I should give the lady a ride.  But she agreed that I could not due to safety.

As I drove away, I saw her walking down the street.  In the rain, she has a coat, but no hat.  On the drive home, I felt terrible and hoped she would safely arrive at the homeless shelter.  My mind wandered wondering what had happened in her life to lead to her situation.  I felt so guility.

Then I decided I could do something.  I made a commitment over this next year to knit some hats for the local homeless shelter.  That will not be a quick project, but I can certainly make some contribution.

So for all the knitters out there, think about charities you could contribute to:

neonatal intensive care units

chemotherapy caps for cancer patients, both adults and childern.

homeless shelters

families in need.

Have a great week!!!!

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