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This blog is for sharing information re: knitting, projects.

About January 14, 2010

I grew up with crocheting, quilting and embroidery.  My mother always had a project going and was a member of a monthly sewing club.  My grandmother believed in the saying of “idle hands are the work of the devil”

I started knitting approximately 25 years with the intent of making my own sweaters.  My first sweater fit my friend’s six- year- old daughter.  Needless to say, most knitters have had a similar experience with their initial projects.

Over the past year, knitting has become more of a passion for me. I have started to challenge myself more with patterns that are more unfamiliar for me.  So I have some goals for this year.

1.  Start a blog with the ability to share ideas about knitting.

2. Design some simple patterns.

3. Teach beginning knitting classes.

4. Start selling some of my knitted clothing and accessories.

As you can see I have huge goals for myself this year.

Your comments and ideas are welcome.

Happy knitting.


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