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Simple, Ribbed, Hat Knitting Pattern October 24, 2010

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You can also purchase this hat in my Etsy shop.

Medium, worsted weight, acrylic yarn.

Size #10 needles

1. CO  72 inches

2. K2, P2 until piece measures 9 inches from beginning.

3. Decreasing

a. K2, K6, repeat to end

b. Knit next row

c. K2 tog, K5, repeat to end

d. Knit next row,

Continue in this pattern.

row for K2 tog, K1 will be repeated x 2.

Will have 12 remaining stitches.

Cut yarn and threat throught the 12 remaining stitches.  Pull tightly for crown.  Sew seams together.  The cuff is 2 inches, so for the first inch reverse the seam for sewing.

I obtained the pattern for the flower on the Patons site.  


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