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Knitting Is Cool June 30, 2010

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When I initially started knitting in the early 1980s, knitting was not a cool, popular craft.  In recent years, we have seen an increase in the interest of this old craft which has transitioned it from a granny type activity to a more fashionable design craft. When reviewing the history of knitting, this craft has been around for many years. I also say what was more of a necessity for my grandmother’s generation has transpired into an art.

There are a couple of books you should check out that will illustrate how fashionable knitting has become. “Naughty Needles’ by Nikol Lohr depicts sexy knitting with her unique patterns for lingerie and adult garments. At my recent knitting group, a fellow knitter introduced me to this book. Very interesting, so check it out. She also has a website http://www.naughty needles com with some of her patterns.

One of my favorite fashionable knitters is Suss Cousins, the knitter for the stars. Her store is located in Hollywood and her clients for yarn and her designs include well known Hollywood names. She has several published books, but my favorite is “Hollywood Knits”. Her designs are beautiful, but not extremely complicated.

Many celebrities have taken up the craft of knitting. Some of these include, Debra Messing, Tracey Ullman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and Kate Moss. Julia Roberts will be starring in the movie “The Friday Night Knitting Club”, due to be released some time this year. This movie is based on the book written by Kathleen Jacobs. The book entails the relationships that develop from the knitting group from a single mom’s knitting store. Great book that reveals how our relationships develop and change. I am looking forward to the movie.

Happy knitting!!!!
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